2019-03-08 Shipping from Viet Nam to USA

Shipping from Viet Nam to USA

gui-hang-di-myShipping from Viet Nam to USA

Need to send something to United States? Then air freight is the quickest and most efficient way. Finding a reputable company can be a daunting task, but thankfully here at America Link Logistis we take the hard work out of it.
Air freight is the quickest way to send goods internationally and is a vital part of worldwide logistics. Air cargo deliveries benefit from express delivery which is ideal for transporting perishable items and urgently required products. The size of packages that can be sent by air freight can vary between small packages and shipping pallets, but is more suited to small and medium packages due to space constraints and cost.
What to expect from freight companies

Specialist air freight companies operate their services from most Viet Nam and international airports meaning that any package can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world. These companies will advise you about any relevant documentation you may need for specific countries and are fully equipped to transport all types of cargo from standard packages to perishable or dangerous goods which may have legislative requirements.
Air freight forwarders and cargo documentation

Before sending an item air freight it is important to familiarise yourself with some of the mandatory documentation that you may require to complete the delivery service; these include:

• Air waybills (AWB)
• Invoice & Packing list
• Air cargo Manifest
• Certificate of Origin
• Other attachment documents

Having an understanding of the necessary documentation for your air freight consignments will help you to comply with all of the legislative or legal issues that may arise when shipping items abroad; again if you are unsure of the documentation needed the air freight company can advise you of the specific service you require.
we can ship all cargo by air freight to all airport of USA: Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Seattle

Comparing what's on offer from air freight providers

Using our comparison service is the easiest way to get competitive quotes from a range of air freight companies, including the different services available for your freight. When filling out the quote form it is important to provide all of the details you can about the consignment; this will help the air freight company to provide you with their best quote and delivery service that matches your needs. All quotes are free and there is no obligation giving you complete control.

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