2019-03-08 Shipping from Viet Nam to Australia

Shipping from Viet Nam to Australia

Gui-hang-di-ucShipping from Viet Nam to Australia
Although being much more expensive than shipping to Australia by sea, shipping by air is very fast. If you are shipping to Australia valuable goods like jewelry, artwork, or other fancy items, using air freight may be your best and safest option. Since air shipments arrive much faster there is less of a chance of the item being lost, stolen, or damaged.
Shipping to Australia by Air - Once the shipment arrives, storage fees will begin. Storage fees for shipping to Australia by air are billed according to weight and volume, in addition to the time of storage. Get an estimate from an expert on shipping to Australia of how long to you may need to use storage facilities at the Australian airport. Storage fees at the Australian airport can get out of hand; therefore, take care when planning the date for shipping to Australia. For example, do not pick a shipping date where the plane lands right before a three day weekend.
We ship by air to all airports of Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth..


 Shipping from Viet Nam to Australia - Import Customs and Quarantine

All items you are shipping to Australia can be subjects to customs inspection. Whether your goods spend time in quarantine or how much you have to pay in customs charges depends on the amount and type of goods you are shipping to Australia. Some items like food, pet animals, ivory, and animal furs will obviously attract the close inspection of customs officials. Other items you may be shipping to Australia, such as children's bicycles and tricycles, gardening equipment, and outdoor furniture may be less likely to be inspected. Shipping tobacco and alcohol to Australia will definitely attract the customs officials, and you can expect to be heavily taxed on them.
All documentation regarding your shipment to Australia should be precise and complete since customs officials will not release anything until they are sure that everything is safe.


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