2019-03-08 Shipping by sea to other countries

Shipping by sea to other countries

Shipping from Vietnam to other countries
Commerical goods, Personal Goods & Gift.
Shipping to Europe, Asia, Middle East countries...
We have wide range of sea freight service specifically design from Vietnam to many countries. We take care of every process of the shipping, due to the safe delivery and unpacking of the goods, our dedicated team will even organize all packing and paperwork together with all those documents, leaving much time to focus on all the other areas of the move from Vietnam.

There are a variety of containers available for transporting from Vietnam, depending on customer's individual needs, our move coordinators will advise customer on the most suitable container size for shipping their household goods and personal effects and commercial cargos from Vietnam to many countries. However big or small, customer can be sure that everything will be stress free and that their belongings will arrive at their new destination exactly as they left. We offer budget friendly shipping from Viet Nam by shared container( LCL) or for large consignments; we can provide a sole use container for shipping from Vietnam.

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