2019-03-08 Shipping by sea from Viet Nam to USA

Shipping by sea from Viet Nam to USA

Shipping by sea from Viet Nam to USA

van-chuyen-duong-bien-di-myAmerica Link Logistics on ocean transportation activities over the past 12 years at Saigon ports as well as in Hai Phong and Da Nang. Coming to Sea Freight, our job is to transport individual shipments of fastidious customers to bulk shipments such as iron, steel and cement. Ocean Freight, Process is scheduled to Picking-up goods, trucking to the port, packaging, electronic customs declaration fast, convenient declaration records, can for customers can see the shipment while handling. Experienced importers understand the laws of importing countries such as USA, Australia, Canada..
Sea Freight provide complete and accurate shipping documents for customers in the importing country with great convenience.
The bill of lading, invoice and packing list, the certificate of origin, the certificate of fumigation, other documents are completed.
- International shipping by sea, shipping by sea to USA, Australia, Canada.
Cheap shipping rate for bulk shipments, bulk shipments are Sea Freight
Shipping services include transportation of a wide variety of goods: furniture, clothes, iron, steel, seafood, handicrafts, personal goods.

Sea Freight of America Link Logistics around the world:

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3. Sea freight to Canada: the cheapest shipping company to Canada with safe.

4. Sea freight to the UK: the most prestigious shipping company to UK.

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6. Sea freight to Germany: The shipping company to Germany to ensure the safest.

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8. Sea freight to China: The place where sea freight to China is extremely cheap.

9. Sea freight to Singapore: fast, cheap sea freight to Singapore.

10.Sea freight to Hong Kong: The best way to transport Hong Kong in safe
Shipping by ocean freight to US, Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan
Sea freight forwarding, personal cargo, US freight.
Shipping to America every week on Thursday or Sunday from Cat Lai port, ICD.
Shipping to Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany .., weekly on Friday or Sunday from Cat Lai port, ICD.

Ocean freight direct to Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, Tampa
Shipping by sea to USA, Australia, Canada Please contact: Phan Giang: 0983898788; Thanh Nga: 0989390769

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