huong-dan-van-chuyen-hang-di-my-uc-canadaSHIPPING INSTRUCTION:

Selection the best shipping way and Delivery Time

+ If the customer has a shipment of 1 to 250kg, should be sent by air, courier because the price is cheaper than by seafreight (including cost in Vietnam and cost in the country of arrival)
Air Freight, Sea Freight charges by weight or volume of shipment according to carrier formula:
- Courier Express Delivery: Length x Width x Height (cm) / 5000 = kg by volume compared to actual weight on weight, whichever is higher will be charged at high results.
Note: Courier charges do not include: Import duties, if possible, the receiver must pay. Taxes imposed by customs authorities of importing countries. Our company supports the customers by shown on invoice like a gifts, presents, and low value items to minimize and save on import duties. Normally, small shipments are low import duties.
- Sea Freight: Length of cargo X Width X Height (m) = Number of cubic meters (abbreviated as m3) (see image below)

Express Services:
DIM: L x W x H(cm) / 5000
Sea Freight
DIM: L x W x H(m)


Remote Area:

- Delivery to remote areas in the city center in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe ... there is an additional service charge.
The customer should  provide Zip code or address to verify remote areas.

Perishable, fragile goods:

- Glass, frames, glass bottles, ceramics are easy to break during loading and unloading, transportation on the plane. So these kinds of goods,  The customer (or we do it for you) should need to pack it by wooden box, iron  frames, carton box, foam padding and then carefully packaged and purchased Insurance goods to get away from risk. In case of force majeure due to the nature of the goods easily damaged such as ceramics, glass, ..

Common goods:

- Furniture, clothing, shoes, paintings, handicrafts .., These kinds of goods will apply the normal price.

Food products:

- Only get dried seafood, candy, coffee, jam, tea .. Have the label, Expiry date. No meat, milk, or eggs inside.
Personal food items have limited kilograms and special rate. Goods must be dry, clean and hygienic.

Cosmetics goods:

- Goods must have clear labels of origin. No alcohol inside. This price is calculated by shipment.

Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Goods:

- Documents and substances in violation of the Government's regulations on goods banned from transportation, inflammables and goods prohibited nation.
- Goods, substances can be dangerous to humans as well as means of transport or equipment.
 Shipping rights and obligations:
- You should clearly declare, the goods name, material list all the information requested on the receipt of goods to facilitate the customs declaration for aviation, Shipping Lines.
- Address, phone number, email sender, consignee clear.
- Provide all necessary legal documents related to items for special items (if possible).
- Ensure items are packed in appropriate and safe conditions for transportation.

Responsibility of America Link Logistics:

America Link Logistics is not responsible for refunding the following charges:
- Goods delays due to earthquake, wind, storm, air hazard, flood, war, embargo or government restrictions, strikes in host country. In some cases it is possible to buy insurance for goods sold by insurance companies.
- Reimbursement under the policy of courier, shipping company and rules in the market.


 If you have a large quantity of cargo, you should choose by sea feight with 30 - 45 days depending on the port of destination.
Some guidelines on shipment:
- Customers need to provide details of the goods to show on invoice: the name of the goods; material; number; Value in VND or USD.
- Kind of transportation: If your goods are small (in CBM (m3); Large quantity (over 20 CBM) in container.


- We accept the list of goods and shipping contract for customers.
- Coordinate the truck to your place of purchase delivery to pick-up the goods and move to the port of loading.
- Packaging.
- Customs Clearance for goods
- Providing documents to the consignee when the goods arrive at the destination.

For Full Cargo Container (FCL Cargo): 

- We accept the list of goods and shipping contract for customers.
- Trucking the container to the customer's warehouse (if available) or truck cargo to the container yard of the port for loading.
- Customs clearance for goods
- Providing document to consignees then Can pick-up the shipment in destination.

Payment methods:

Express courier: Pay immediately at weighing and picking-up goods in VN.
After providing shipping documents for you, you make the payment to us as follows:
Service fee: Please pay in advance in Vietnam
Freight: Can be paid in advance or paid at destination.

Specification of container types:

 huong-dan-kich-thuoc- container